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Insurance Claims

Roof Damage?

Hail, Wind, Water or Tree. Whatever the situation, we can help.

But first. Here are the steps you need to take to know if you need to get insurance involved for your roof repair. Insurance companies often cover it under a Wind/Hail Coverage plan if you have it, but will need proper documentation. It never hurts to have photos and dates compiled prior to starting the process. Remember price isn’t everything, choose a local contractor that has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance and avoid storm chasers. Get everything in writing and make sure your roofing contractor is a good communicator, because there are many pieces to the puzzle.

Step 1: Call a reputable, licensed roofer for an estimate

Step 2: If the damage exceeds your deductible; file a claim with your insurance company

Step 3: Meet with your insurance adjuster to make sure your dollar amounts match

Step 4: Collect first check from the insurance company

Step 5: Hire an approved, reputable licensed roofing contractor to repair the damage

Step 6: If insurance covers the replacement cost; collect second check from insurance

Step 7: Pay your roofing contractor

Types of Insurance Coverage

You will find that you’ll either have no insurance coverage for wind/hail, have ACV (Actual Cost Value) Coverage that will pay some of the cost of replacement or you will be fortunate enough to have RCC (Replacement Cost Value) that will pay the cost of replacement, less your deductible. Just remember, be kind to your insurance adjuster, they can determine just how much you get.