For Your Home

Residential Roofing

Whether it be choosing the roof material for a new home, replacing a roof on a fixer-upper or a repair. The team at Direct Roofing is here to help make the process a positive one. We work with great brands to ensure the longevity of your roof and have professional, licensed and bonded craftsman that will get the job done right to ensure lasting results.

We all know the importance of keeping the elements out. It is wise to get your home’s roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor throughout the lifetime of your roof. Pay special attention during these events to avoid the need for an emergency call.

  • Hailstorm and/or Damaging Winds
  • Purchase of a New Home
  • Every Two-Three Years
  • Evidence of Roof Damage
  • Torn Shingles and/or Roof Leaks

Choosing The Right Roof

Homeowners often replace a roof when they are wanting to greatly improve the appearance of their home. When making this decision take your functional needs into as much consideration as the style you’re seeking. Check with your insurance company, because many times different materials, have varying costs to insure. And make sure that the material you’re seeking, fits the Ozarks’ climate. If you saw a unique roofline that you fell in love with on vacation, there is probably a reason you don’t see it much here in southwest Missouri. Do your homework, and of course we can help.

Caring For Your Roof

We often don’t pay much attention to our roof until there is a problem. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. This is the single barrier between Mother Nature and your largest investment. Let’s keep an eye on it and make sure everything is in tip top shape to withstand wind, rain, hail, snow…and sometime times your neighbors’ tree.

Items to Inspect

(or have a reputable roofing contractor inspect for you)

Roofing Materials: Tearing, breaking, mold or rust. Every material has ways it can be damaged, though some material has a longer ‘shelf life’ than others, none are prone to wear and tear. So, make sure they are healthy and intact, before it’s too late.

Gutters and Downspouts: We, in the Ozarks, get plenty of rain … and wind and have trees that deposit leaves, seed and limbs into our gutters and downspouts. What many don’t think about is that a clogged gutter or downspout can result in damage to the exterior of your home, the roofing material near the clogged site, as well as, flood your basement. Make sure gutters are free of debris and downspouts are connected and pitched properly to minimize overflows.

Roof Flashing: The first sign of a non-reputable roofing contractor, is a poorly done and exposed flashing job. Make sure flashing is completed properly around all external elements of your roofing including chimneys, vent stacks and skylights.

Skylights: They are beautiful but will be one of the first things to leak in your home. Inspect the glazing seals between the glass and the aluminum bars. If the sealant is compromised, we can bring some out and get it fixed.

Roof Ventilation: Often free of damage, but sometimes not installed with proper screening that can sometimes allow pests into your attic. Make sure there is proper screening to keep your attic free of unwanted visitors.